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State Farm Insurance Phone Number

Altering your name is a straight forward legal process that any 1 can do themselves. It is even less complicated than filling out all the forms you have to go by way of just about every time you stop by the physician. If you can fill those forms in your self, then you can prepare your own name alter forms.

The initially step is to file a Petition for Name Change. You fill in the legal form, and take it down to your countys clerk office, frequently situated inside your neighborhood countys courthouse to file the form. There might possibly be a smaller filing fee, but by preparing the form your self you have already saved hundreds of dollars in legal fees. To acquire out how a great deal the filing fee is you have to get in touch with your countys clerk office you will be filing your Illinois name alter forms at.

Here are a couple of county clerk offices Ive taken the liberty of locating for you, but there are most alot more. At least 1 in every single county. So appear for the clerk office in your county.

Du Page County Clerk – (630) 407-6000andlrm421 North County Farm Road, Wheaton, ILandlrm

Cook County Clerks Officeandlrm – (708) 974-6150andlrm10220 South 76th Avenue, Bridgeview, ILandlrm

Will County Clerk – (815) 740-4615302 North Chicago Street, Joliet, IL 60432-4078

Lake County Clerk – (847) 377-2400andlrm18 North County Street, Waukegan, ILandlrm

When you have filed the petition for a name alter you will be given a date to seem just before a judge. You will will need to seem just before the judge just 1 time, for a brief moment. The judge might possibly ask you a couple of questions just to make positive your eligible to alter your name, but primarily you just seem to hear no matter if your name alter has been granted or not.

As lengthy as you havent been convicted of a felony in Illinois in the past 10 years, you have lived in Illinois for at least 6 months, and your not altering your name for fraudulent factors such as to stay clear of warrant, imitate a celebrity, and so on. then you should certainly be eligible for a name alter.

Immediately after you have appeared in court, and the judge has granted your name alter you will get a certification of your name alter referred to as a Order for Alter of Name. You will then use that to alter your name on your social security card, drivers license, birth certificate, bank account, and so on.

When you have your Order for Alter of Name you then take that with you to your nearest Social Security office, along with your old identification to get a new copy of your Social Security card with your new name.

To update your Birth Certificate, you will will need to get a certified copy of your Order for Alter of Name, at your neighborhood countys clerk office considering you will will need to mail that to the Illinois Department of Public Well being. You mail that along with an official copy of your old birth certificate to their office, along with a $15 revenue order to cover the fee. Their address, and telephone quantity (as of 7/27/2010) is:

Illinois Department of Public Well being – (217) 782-6554605 West Jefferson, Springfield, IL 62702-5097

When you have your new Social Security card, and Birth Certificate, it is time to update your drivers license. You should certainly now have all the documentation you will need, but you can call them to verify what you will need just to stay clear of bringing unnecessary documents. At this point although you will have no trouble altering your name on your bank account, utility bills, and any other accounts you have.

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