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Progressive Politics

This post lays out in admittedly and purposely straightforward terms the ideologies of the federal political parties in Canada and delivers a rapidly summary of every single. It is meant to be straight forward and non-exhaustive. It is supposed to act as a fast reference.
I think that the most useful manner for people who do not grasp a concern concerning Canadian politics in spite of this who will need to be told is to initial appear at the federal Canadian political parties. These parties sort the premise of party politics as most of the federal parties have provincial arms as properly. But, some provinces key parties are not related to any federal party while theyll have shut ties to a selected federal party.
To maintain items very easy I will focus strictly on the federal parties. There are five key political parties in Canada and in this piece I can present a brief summary of every single.
Conservative Party (existing government)
-social and monetary conservatism
-ideal-libertarianism, marketplace economy
Leader: Stephen Harper – Prime Minister of Canada
Outline: On the classic political spectrum the Conservative party of Canada falls on the right to the centre-ideal. Existing seats inside the Residence of Commons: 143
Liberal Party
-The Third Approach
-social liberalism
-moderate politics, mixed economy
Leader: Michael Ignatieff
Outline: Official opposition in parliament. Governed Canada for most of the twentieth century. Widely regarded as to be centre-left to centre on the political spectrum. Existing seats in the Residence of Commons: 77
Bloc Quebecois
-social democracy
-Quebec sovereignty
-socialist nationalism
-nominates candidates in Quebec solely
Leader: Gilles Duceppe
Summary: Third largest quantity of seats in the Residence of commons. The overwhelming majority of the Blocs members and supporters advocate for Quebec to separate from Canada and develop into an freelance nation. The party falls on the left wing of the political spectrum. Existing seats inside the Residence of Commons: 47
New Democratic Party
-social democracy
-democratic socialism
-New Left politics
Leader: Jack Layton
Summary: Believed-about a progressive party When it entails the political spectrum, the party would fall somewhere in between the left and centre-left although it a fairly small closer to the centre-left. The NDP is further to the left than the Liberals in spite of this. Existing seats inside the Residence of Commons: thirty six
Green Party
-green politics
-see green politics
Leader: Elizabeth Could possibly
Summary: As of 2009 the Greens are polling an typical of 8-twelve%. When technically Greens have factions that fall on all sides of the political spectrum, the Inexperienced Party of Canadas ideology is widely regarded as to be left wing. Existing seats inside the Residence of Commons: none.
I hope this has been beneficial to any one interested in understanding the fundamentals of the Canadian political parties. Thanks for reading!

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