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Information Regarding Progressive Politics

What is really the core reasoning of automatic guaranteed failure by Progressives policies? Quite simply, the answer is complacency. Progressive policies reward complacency and encourages the bare minimum of people in life and human beings were not designed to seek the bare minimum in life, but rather human beings are designed to be challenged.

In a nut shell, this is what the Progressive agenda is all about. Elitists are the slave masters who deliver the bare essentials to life for all. Assuming that you’re not an elitist, you will have access to health care, you will never starve, you will have shelter and you will have access to entertainment for a little while. Of course none of these bare essentials are for free, because really nothing in life is ever for free. You will be taxed high on your earnings or on the things that you buy or a combination of both. Regardless in how you slice or dice it, the gross total of your earnings will eventually be galvanized to a point to where you possess less funds for your self at the end. This is the Progressive concept. It is a concept of Lord over serf. You will remain in the hierarchy of society to where you were born. Now this sounds like a really great dealio if you were born at the top of the food chain, however if you were born at the bottom, well this designed system will ensure that you will remain at the bottom more often than not. The financial hurdles will be too much, for the vast majority of people to ever over come.

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