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Modern day cell phones can barely be referred to as phones at all. These wise devices enable consumers to connect with every single other in approaches unimaginable even five or 10 years ago. Consumers can e-mail, text, tweet and video chat with their buddies to and from practically anyplace.

In spite of this, when the age of connectivity brings efficiency and benefit to the lives of most, there is a time and location for working with wise phones. According to the AAA Foundation, this location is not behind the wheel.

The AAA Foundation for Targeted traffic Safety, formally the American Automobile Association, lately revealed their legislative priorities for 2011. Chief amongst these was attempting to get all states to adopt a ban on texting when driving, in particular amongst young drivers.

The AAA Foundation revealed that driver inattention, quite often due to texting or talking on a cell telephone when behind the wheel, practically quadrupled the risk of getting in a crash. Young, distracted drivers trigger thousands of accidents, most of which are fatal.

30 states at present have laws against texting and driving. The AAA foundation is attempting to get the remaining 20, which includes Texas, on board. Other states without having comparable laws incorporate Ohio, Arizona and Montana.

New developments lend credence to the notion that these measures are gaining steam. The Texas legislature met this week to talk about the possibility of laws that will ban texting when driving. The Residence Transportation Committee planned to hear testimony from supporters of the bill just before the Residence Speaker collapsed momentarily when speaking.

As of now, Texas law makes it illegal to use a cell telephone at all when driving in a school zone. By the similar token, drivers under the age of 18 can not use cell phones at all when behind the wheel. Now, some lawmakers and activists are pushing for further precautions.

Those in favor of the bill think that it is a important step in producing safer roads, not only for teenagers, but for all drivers as properly. They say that further legislation is critical for stopping Houston truck wrecks from cell telephone use that can trigger critical injuries and even loss of life.

Detractors of the bill say that the further legislation adds small benefit, but nonetheless overly restricts peoples behavior. They say there are already laws protecting younger drivers, and going beyond those measures does not make sense in light of the statistics.

To find out alot more about the continuing debate over Texass proposed driving bill, stop by: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/.

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